Connect. Educate. Inspire. Advocate.

Photo by Pat Story, Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

I deliver effective and engaging workplace training that can instill company values, inspire cultural change, and promote safety awareness. As a SCUBA instructor who spent a career teaching people how to dive with sharks, I have experience connecting with people and cultivating safety awareness.

Published by Jen Meeks

I have a passion for non-formal teaching that is fun, engaging, and effective. I use humor and stories to create emotional connections with my learners, whether I’m inspiring them to care, instilling good values and self-confidence, or ensuring they go home safe and sound at the end of the workday. My years as a SCUBA instructor have developed my ability to assess my learners’ physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. Spending a career working in unusual and potentially hazardous environments has given me a keen sense of safety awareness. My education has given me the foundation of pedagogical theory and the skills to develop quality instructional materials from analysis to evaluation with universal accessibility for all.

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