Solar Maintenance Training Course

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This program, created using Premiere Pro, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Rise, was designed to teach electricians at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden how to perform annual maintenance on the zoo’s solar arrays.

Using the ADDIE model of instructional design, I directed this project through its entire lifecycle from needs analysis through evaluation. I filmed the procedures, consulted SMEs, designed the learning content, developed the videos and interactives, then implemented the program, evaluated, and revised it.

During the creation of this program, I learned a lot about building a course from scratch on a subject about which I knew next to nothing. In order to learn the material well enough to design a course to teach it to an audience with more prior knowledge, I had to analyze the video documentation I recorded of the Melink technician performing the procedures, as well as do my own research online, and interview electricians. This taught me a lot about how to gather necessary information from subject matter experts (SMEs).

The development of the video segments really honed my skills in Adobe Premiere Pro. I was able to synchronize audio and video or on-screen text and video for optimum contiguity. I enjoyed inserting media clips I captured in Adobe Captivate at precise moments in video segments for comedic effect.

I learned a lot from the ideas generated from the user evaluations of this program. I was reminded of the importance of providing multiple forms of the learning material, which lead to the addition of PDF reference guides and interactive photos.

For more details on the evaluation of this program, see the Evaluation Plan and Report below.

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